Advanced Techniques

Course IX
-- Kick Defense I --

The course study include variety ways of intercepting  opponent's kicks such as, front kick and  round kick. Demonstration of closing in distance and Take downs. Very useful in actual sparring.

 Course X

      -- Kick Defense II --    

The course study include Side Kick defense and demonstration of Step by step on how to Block, Closing the gab and Take downs.  Very useful in actual sparring.

Course XI
-- Knife Defense --

The course study includes defense against knife attacks,  demonstration of how to stop the attack in dealing with variety of stabs and slash coming from all different angles and the application of joint locks and submission.

Course XII
-- Black Belt Preparation --

The course study include the list of requirements for the test, review of previous courses and showing examples of how to prepare for the Black Belt exam.

Course Fee - $120 for all Advanced courses (Course 9-12) 


Advanced Course: