Welcome to the World Hapkido Association Online Course Program.

Our online training program was established in the year 2000, due to an overabundance of requests from people who had the desire to study Hapkido, but could not, due to an inability to locate a training center in their area.

Although many Hapkido Masters have established training centers all around, Hapkido, especially in the western world, remains exotic and is a rare style of Martial Arts to come by. However the demand for Hapkido is rapidly growing and the World Hapkido Associations Online Course Database is here to meet this demand. Offering a multitude of courses as well as certification programs that uphold the high quality standards of the World Hapkido Association. Our online courses provide the opportunity for anyone to study Hapkido anywhere in the world.

Our Courses :

Introductory Courses (Course 1-4): Course 1, emphasizes fundamentals of Hapkido such as; Basic Stances, Rolls and Break Falls and Basic Joint-Locks.  Course 2 is all on Wrist grab Defense techniques and Course 3 and 4 deals with Body Grab Defense techniques.

Intermediate Courses (Course 5-8): Course 5, is Sitting Defense which show unique ways of defensing from seated positions Also Course 6 deals with Ground Defense in which students will learn Basic Mount Positions and Escapes, Techniques that give ability to escape or avoid ground situation if occurred and get back on stand up position.   Course 7 and 8 teaches Punch Defense Joint Locks and Take Downs.

Advanced Courses (Course 9-12):  Course 9 and 10 deals with How to defend opponent's kicks, It show variety of Blocking Techniques and how to grab and Take down. Course 11 is about Knife Attacks in which you will see variety of Blocking Techniques and Take downs to Submit. Course 12 is Black Belt Preparation Course, In which you will be advised how to prepare for Hapkido Black Belt Exam.

We hope the study of these courses enable you to be efficient in Hapkido techniques and  possibly achieve the Black Belt level someday.