Hapkido Sample Video Clips

Practical Sparring - Video Clip 1 WMV format
Practical Sparring - Video Clip 3 WMV Format


We are presenting our "Ultimate Hapkido" video clips online in Windows Media Format. If you don't have Windows Media Player 7 yet, you can download it for Windows or MAC by clicking here.
Ultimate Hapkido "Beginners"

Back of Wrist Body Grab Defense
Bear Hug Under Arm Body Grab Defense
Headlock Grab Defense
Ultimate Hapkido "Intermediate"

Cross Leg Sweep Punch Defense
Turning Break Ground Defense
Back Leg Sweep Punch Defense
Ultimate Hapkido "Advanced"

Low Spin Kick Defense
Overhead Throw Kick Defense
Knife Hand Press




All 3 of our "Ultimate Hapkido" videos are available in our Bookstore








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