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Welcome to the World Hapkido Association Online Course Database.

Our online training program was established in the year 2000, due to an overabundance of requests from people who had the desire to study Hapkido, but could not, due to an inability to locate a training center in their area.

Although many Hapkido Masters have established training centers all across the globe, Hapkido, especially in the western world, remains exotic and is a rare style of Martial Arts to come by. However the demand for Hapkido is rapidly growing and the World Hapkido Associations Online Course Database is here to meet this demand.

Offering a multitude of courses as well as certification programs that uphold the high quality standards of the World Hapkido Association, our online courses provide the opportunity for anyone to study Hapkido anywhere in the world.






Online Course Instruction:

1. You must be an existing member in good standing with the World Hapkido Association.

2. Due to the complexity of the courses, it is recommended that you have previous experience in some form of martial arts training.

3. All online students must start with the basic courses, unless the student can provide a certificate of rank in Hapkido from any legitimate Hapkido Organization.

4. Members are allowed to register for a maximum of two classes at a time.

5. The Ultimate Hapkido DVD is required material for the courses.
(Members will receive a 20% discount when purchasing the DVD or any books online.)

6. When registering for courses, members will receive instruction manuals as well as a CD containing demonstrations of the required techniques.

7. There is no time limit for completion of the online courses. Courses are completed by submitting a testing video in CD format (preferably in Windows Media Player or Quicktime) to the World Hapkido Association at any time.

8. All videos submitted shall be examined and graded by a certified examiner of the World Hapkido Association.

9. After passing examination, members will receive official WHA rank certificates signed by Master Jung.

10. Black Belt testing cannot be approved by video testing.
The WHA offers 2 main events a year (summer and winter camp), Black Belt candidates will have the opportunity to be tested in front of certified judges of the World Hapkido Association at these venues.


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