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Grand Master Hwang In-Shik

10th Dan Hapkido (chong-jae)

         Grand Master Hwang has trained many outstanding Masters and celebrities. Among those are the famous Jackie Chan and Mao Ying (the lady Hapkido). He has also been featured in many            martial art movies and made great contribution to Hapkido society. Tae Jung has been greatly influenced by his dynamic style Hapkido and consider him as one of his main Hapkido                         instructors.  GM Hwang currently residing in Toronto Canada and remains as supervisor of World Hapkido Association. He can be reached at info@eaglehapkido.com


1976 Seoul Korea - GM Hwang (Second from Right and Tae Jung at far Right)

Master Hwang’s REAL Media Video Clips:

Clip #1 Dragon Lord – 1982
Clip #2 Young Master – 1980
Clip #3 Young Master – 1980
Clip #4 Skyhawk – 1973